Sequebb Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty marketing underpins the history of Sequebb.
Defining how data and insights are used to create brand engagement and a highly loyal customer base, is a key principle behind our approach.

The foundation of our data centric creativity and technology solutions lies very much in loyalty and driving engagement with both customers and employees. Creating and nurturing positive relationships, conversations and dialogue with an audience.

Our loyalty solutions are focused on creating a direct experience with the brand that is recognised and nurtured, not only via points, reward and recognition, but also through conversation and reference.

Of course data, segmentation and content drives the principles of our strategic and practical approach. An approach that has its foundation in traditional loyalty marketing principles.

But it’s our channel neutral approach that creates holistic engagement marketing solutions that influence relationships at all customer touch-points.

Integrating with the audience emotionally, transactionally and socially.

Loyalty that encompasses measurable social loyalty and band advocacy is our definition of true engagement. Delivering the message and defining inbound content reflects our understanding the audience that is derived from implicit and explicit data and analysed brand interaction.

Our strategies reflect this approach and bring into play data, creative, segmentation and communication.
Loyalty that truly CREATES DIALOGUE.