Data Management & Analytics

True to what it it should be, data-driven marketing means using insights generated from data to target messaging and create dialogue with a clearly defined audience.

With the prevalence of Big Data we are focused on the generation, use and measurement of ‘all channel’ interaction.

Put simply, every campaign or targeted marketing strategy that we develop at Sequebb, is accompanied with a clearly defined strategy and approach to measure.

This measurement and analytics tracks all activity across all touch-points. From simple open and click through analysis of email campaigns, to highly sophisticated analytics across all digital web, social and mobile platforms.

We understand how to extract, filter, manage and generate useful marketing insights from data.

We then turn these insights into actions that manifest themselves in true data driven marketing campaigns that generate ROI.

If it can’t be measured, tracked, analysed and scrutinised, we tend to shy away from it!

Having our roots in data derived knowledge generation, we work with our clients to create campaigns that allow us to refine and enhance based upon the audience action and engagement. This means we identify performance targets, define trigger activity, refine the messaging, offer and creative. All the time aligning to opt-in and customer communication preferences.

Because we define and build marketing technology solutions, we can define what the data is telling us. And how to use this knowledge to improve our targeted marketing activities and content driven strategies.

Filtering data from digital, mobile, social, web and print campaigns, we consolidate data and analyse it to give us the results we need to refine real data driven marketing success.

Success from information and action gathering across all marketing channels, means we connect with the audience in the most relevant and motivating ways.