Sequebb Creative Technology

Creative Technology

With over 25 years experience in using data and technology in marketing, we are pretty clear on the tools, technologies, platforms and power available, to provide creative technology solutions to audience engagement

Having delivered CRM, loyalty and highly sophisticated marketing technology solutions to sectors such as Airlines, Hotels, Retail, FMCG, Automotive, Financial Services and Technology over the years, we are clear on the power of big (and smaller) data.

We know the route to defining and integrating the most efficient and appropriate technological solutions to achieve defined CRM, loyalty and engagement marketing objectives

Sequebb has its roots in data driven, targeted, marketing communications. We know how to use data. As creative technologists, we have developed data management and data processing solutions and continually refine and develop our knowledge and utilisation of tools and marketing technology solutions.

As a business we provide these marketing technologies as outsourced solutions or as integrated technology solutions, that deliver speedy, accurate and focused integrated marketing solutions.

We organise, synchronise and automate business practices and help brands to identify, segment and communicate effectively to customers or prospects/leads.
All the time providing tracking and measurement across ‘all-channel’ marketing including web, email, search, social and mobile.

With today’s focus on big data, the consultative and practical delivery approach that we provide, enables us to recommend marketing strategies that use and utilise this data to create customer engagement.

At the same time leverage on the multitude of tools and resources available, to create a truly bespoke, technologically creative solution.