Our strategic marketing communication strategies invariably contain an element of social marketing.

The role social plays as part of our integrated customer and brand engagement solutions is a crucial one.
Creating, building and getting the desired impact from a holistic digital marketing campaign, loyalty, engagement or dialogue marketing strategy.

As with all our solutions, the selection of the right marketing tools and channels, coupled with the application of effective strategies, is designed to deliver the most appropriate social integration.

Social integration that will drive and support dialogue, with a focus on engagement, nurturing customer relationships and sharing value and information with a social outreach

An approach that delivers differentiation and effective, data driven and targeted brand engagement

Our solutions look to strike a balance between too narrow a focus on limited social networks and spreading too thinly by adopting too many. The success of our approach is to use channels that are realistic and optimum.

More often than not, these are channels that are desired by the target audience as opt in communication delivery routes

Our overall approach to customer engagement, loyalty and CRM, enables us to integrate web, search & content, flexibly, using a true multi-channel approach. An approach that has social as a key element of our brand engagement mix.