As a company focused on integrated marketing, email is one  of the marketing channels we use to build dialogue.

We see integration of email marketing, as a continued and very important element of the digital marketing mix. But how email is integrated is where it adds measurable value. We focus on relevance, dialogue and personalisation – ensuring that as part of a well defined dialogue marketing strategy, email carries with it all the mandatories of data driven, targeted marketing.

Targeted, creative, links, content and response conversion are crucial. Driving opt-in email recipients to relevant, variable content via well designed landing pages, as well as  email integration with all other digital and social channels, delivers results.

We use data intelligently. Creating opt-in email relevance and maximising the value of this, more traditional marketing channel.

Delivering mobile optimised emails, targeted with data insights and deep personalisation, means that our campaigns always over-achieve in terms of open and click through rates and conversion metrics. Mobile email engagement and responsive email design is our focus and should be your priority. As increasingly, it is on mobile devices that emails are opened and read.